Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Barn Market

We are lucky enough to be part of the upcoming Barn Market again!  This gorgeous event in such a stunning location is one of our favourite markets to be involved in, so be sure to come along if you can:

We were able to send a couple of items to the lovely Barn Market team, who had organised talented photographer Natalie Mendham to take photos as a sneak peek of some of the gorgeous goodies that will be available on May 23.  Part of our birthday banner was featured – how cute is this photo?!

Credits for photo: Banner- The Happy Nest; Hair ribbon- Miss Milly Moo; Model – Georgia; Photography: Natalie Mendham Photography

We’ll be back again soon with a few more updates before the market, including a new product we have which will be available at Barn on May 23!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

under the oak spotlight

This month we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have an extra display space at Under the Oak!  We are in the ‘Designer Spotlight’ for the month of September, and I thought it would be the perfect place to pop some of my new posting games…as well as some bibs and rattle blocks!

If you haven’t already been, make sure you pop in a visit Prue and the other lovely ladies at Under the Oak in their gorgeous new shop!  It is such a beautiful light space, filled with fabulous handmade goodies.  Definitely worth a visit!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

ready to write!

Finally the postcard game is ready to go!  Just in case you didn’t see my earlier post (it was a long time ago!), the posting game is a fun education tool to encourage reading and writing.  Every child I’ve ever known has loved the process of writing and receiving letters, and this game captures that joy over and over!  Each set includes four fabric postcards, four detachable fabric postage stamps and a water-erasable pen, all packaged (ready for fun!) in a fabric mail satchel.

IMG_0102 (Large)

We currently have a few sets in stock (as below).  Each set is unique, so if you have a particular theme in mind let me know and I can make you up a special set!

Set 1 – rainbow

IMG_0064 (Large)IMG_0070 (Large)IMG_0067 (Large)

Set 2 – bold colours 1

IMG_0093 (Large)IMG_0096 (Large)IMG_0095 (Large)

Set 3 – bold colours 2

IMG_0073 (Large)IMG_0076 (Large)IMG_0075 (Large)

Set 4 – patchwork

IMG_0086 (Large)IMG_0090 (Large)IMG_0088 (Large)

Set 5 – linen vehicles

IMG_0078 (Large)IMG_0085 (Large)

Simply write on your postcard and ‘post’ it, then when you’re ready to write again simply spray with water and allow to dry before penning your next message!  The water-erasable pen makes it a super-fun experience – the writing disappears instantly (although particularly dense areas of ink sometimes require ten minutes soaking in cold water to completely remove).

IMG_0100 (Large)

The stamps are detachable, and can be swapped around between postcards.  We wouldn’t want your letter being ‘returned to sender’ because you forgot to pop a stamp on!

IMG_8103 (Large)

The mail satchel makes it easy for littlies to deliver their letters, and mum and dad will love the quick pack up – it all stores together in one place!

IMG_0107 (Large)

This game is designed for children over three years of age, and is perfect for those learning to read and write – although children of all ages adore sending and receiving mail, so it’s a game that has an enduring appeal!

IMG_0099 (Large)

Contact me if you’d like one of these posting games, or I can make up a custom set just for you!  The posting games are $40 each, and additional postcards are available for $6 each.  The sets will also be available at Under the Oak in Ulverstone from Saturday 6 September.

This game is not suitable for children under three years of age as it contains small parts (pen lid and stamps) and has a strangulation risk (bag strap).  Please supervise young children when they are playing with the posting game, and ensure it is always kept out of reach of infants.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

some madeit love

My poor madeit store has been sadly neglected for a few months now…but no longer!  Lots of new lovelies are available; everything from bibs…

IMG_9700 (Large)IMG_9695 (Large)IMG_9683 (Large)IMG_9650 (Large)IMG_9678 (Large)

…to pants…

IMG_9598 (Large)IMG_9569 (Large)IMG_9618 (Large)IMG_9583 (Large)IMG_5797 (Large)IMG_5580 (Large)

as well as bunting, cushions and banners too!  (Banners are custom order…these are some examples)

IMG_0266 (Large)IMG_0294 (Large)IMG_0275 (Large)IMG_0238 (Large)kelly alphabet (2)girly alphabet (2)the happy nest fabric alphabetcushions (9) (Large)SAM_1495 (Large)IMG_1894 (Large)IMG_5502 (Large)

Pop over and take a peep!

Monday, July 21, 2014


We had such a wonderful time on our mini-holiday in Hobart!  The weather was fabulous…although freezing cold, we had sunshine nearly the whole time.  And the little bit of rain we did have was well worth the gorgeous rainbows!  (so much brighter than this photo…)

IMG_8915 (Large)

We drove down via the East Coast, stopping first at Meetus Falls.  The boys thought the waterfall was awesome.  The track to the falls was really steep and slippery, but the falls were stunning.

IMG_8858 (Large)IMG_8863 (Large)IMG_8862 (Large)

The boys threw some rocks into the waves at Swansea and then we stopped at the Spiky Bridge before heading to Hobart.

IMG_8893 (Large)IMG_8908 (Large)IMG_8899 (Large)

Saturday was The Barn Market!  We were so excited to be part of this beautiful market.  The venue is gorgeous, and we met some lovely customers (new and returning), and just generally had a super-wonderful time!

IMG_8921 (Large)

While I was at the market, the boys went to the zoo in Richmond and met all sorts of amazing animals…everything from lions and monkeys to wallabies and deer.

IMG_8991 (Large)IMG_9006 (Large)IMG_9025 (Large)IMG_8935 (Large)IMG_8972 (Large)IMG_9005 (Large)

End of another school holidays already!  They fly by so fast…hope you’ve enjoyed yours too!